Josh Wood Hydration Hold Shampoo and Conditioner

T-h-i-r-s-t-y. That applies to just about any hair which is coloured, and it certainly applies to us. So we snuck this into the hairdresser the other day and gave it a road-test, and are very impressed by the results.

Bleached-to-high-heaven hair is definitely swingier, smoother and shinier (probably thanks to the parachy oil and the protective keratin in the paraben-free, alcohol-free formula).

The shampoo lathers without being over-foamy (hate too much foam!), and both that and the conditioner smell fresh and - well, pretty glorious, actually.

The 'hold' element refers to the fact that it doesn't leave hair flat and floppy.

Result? Q-u-e-n-c-h-e-d hair.

UK readers find Josh Wood Hydration Hold Shampoo and Josh Wood Hydration Hold Conditioner at£9.50 each for 250 ml - buy here (and do check out the little £15 kit, too, complete with a nourishing oil)