Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Paparazzi Ready Lip & Powder Compact Duo

Joan Collins has probably single-handedly pushed back the barriers, when it comes to ageing. First of all, she made it OK to be fab at fiftysomething (rather than fading to grey in cardie-land). Then fab at sixtysomething. Now? Joanie's 81 - and you have to admire the stamina of a woman who is prepared to launch her first signature beauty line almost 20 years after qualifying for her pension. Joan Collins Nail laquerThe shades are bold (no shrinking violet, our Joan), the textures are good - and the packaging's as glamorous as you could wish for. We're keen on the retro-style Nail Lacquer (see right), and especially this beautiful compact which begs to be taken out to dinner and flourished at the dinner table, frankly. (And we don't give a damn what Miss Manners would say.)

The Paparazzi-Ready Compact features a silky pressed powder in a natural shade (so you only shine in a good way), and a lipstick, all packaged in a gold case with a most satisfying snap. Meanwhile the lipstick itself - in a classic red or a vampy wine - features smoothing and lip-plumping emollients.

Few of us may need to be ready for our close-up 24/7 - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to reach into our handbag and instantly re-glam at any time, with this.

And it's a lot sexier than a senior bus pass.

UK readers find Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Paparazzi Ready Lip & Powder Compact Duo at£29.50 - buy here