Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Limited Edition Collection

Even if you've given up cake for Lent, you can still indulge yourself with these.  But be quick:  we predict Sugar & Spice will be a swift sell-out, as a limited edition item.  (Last year's botanically-influenced fragrances, and the previous tea collection, all disappeared super-fast.) These will get a perfumista's juices going:  a quintet of five, patisserie-inspired scents.  Surprisingly, they're not all super-sweet and gourmandesque:  they're pretty interesting, as you might expect from a 'nose' like the ultra-talented Christine Nagel, who's Jo Malone's perfumer these days.

There are five colognes to pick 'n' mix from:  Bitter Orange & Chocolate (the 'Maya Gold' of perfumes!), Elderflower & Gooseberry, Redcurrant & Cream (actually our favourite, with a lovely sharp redcurrant tang), zingy Lemon Tart and Ginger Biscuit, which (as it sounds) is warmer and spicier, with swirls of caramel, plus tonka bean and soft vanilla in the base.

As with all fragrance, nothing beats trying them on the skin, so we suggest getting yourself to a Jo Malone counter PDQ, where you can discover for yourself precisely how delicious they are.

UK readers find Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Limited Edition Collection at£38 for 30 ml each - buy here US readers find them at

Jo Malone Sugar and Spice