Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Candles

Ah, Sunday. Blissful day of slouching around in sloppy socks, with the weekend papers.  (We think Slankets may even have been invented for Sundays. Not that we'd own up to one of those!) Or maybe we'll potter in the greenhouse. Or meet friends for brunch..

So we're loving this new collection of Just Like Sunday candles from Jo Malone (and maybe there's just time to get one in time for this Sunday…) They were created in tandem with Jo Malone's in-house Style Editor, superstylist Charlotte Stockdale, to reflect some of Sunday's favourite pastimes.  Lavender & Lovage is all crisp white sheets and lavender-scented linens. Green Tomato Leaf - such a nostalgic smell! - is pure greenhouse gorgeousness. Sweet Almond & Macaroon is tea with your best friend, while our favourite is the snuggle some, smokey Incense & Embers.

So now every day can be Sunday. Hurrah…!

UK readers find Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Candles at£39 - buy here