Jo Loves... Bath Colognes

We've tried slooshing fragrance in the bath before, and it doesn't really work. (And it costs an arm and a leg to infuse the water with scent!) But trust Jo Loves… (the new brand from Jo Malone herself) to have cracked it with Bath Colognes:  simply pour under running water, to fragrance the bath (and half the house, actually). We loved the original fragrances but these are just amazing:  pure breath-of-spring scents.

First is A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas - which really is like burying your nose in a posy of those flowers. (Our favourites, actually.) And No. 42 The Flower Shop is just like stepping through a florist's door:  that wonderful mossiness, along with crushed green leaves, peonies and freesias.

Better still?  In generous 200 ml bottles, they'll last much longer than any bunch of flowers.

UK readers find Jo Loves Bath Colognes at£59 for 200 ml - buy here