Jardins d'Ecrivains Travel Candles

For bookish types on your Christmas list, this makes a change from a Persephone paperback (never mind a book token!)  Actually, the inspiration for these candles is super-original:  Anaïs Biguine, the creator of Jardins d'Ecrivains first got the idea to capture writers' and poets' gardens in candle form while visiting Victor Hugo's home in Guernsey.  Already a hit in Europe, the candles have now landed here (chez The Conran Shop), and do a lovely job of conjuring up the gardens of Colette (think:  fig, pine and jasmine), of George Sand (violet, rose, freesia), the Bronte sisters (heather and incense), and Karen 'I had a farm in Africa', exotic with amber, musk and cedar.  The candles are 100% natural GMO-free soy wax, with cotton wicks - and our favourite way to enjoy them is as 'travel candles' (the set's pictured here):  great for making a strange hotel room feel cocooningly like home - while we slip between the sheets and lose ourselves in the 'matching' literary volume... UK readers find Jardins d'Ecrivains Travel Candles at www.conranshop.co.uk/£60 the set - buy here