Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub

Have you ever been to India?  Yes, we know this product has the name ‘Thai’, but honestly:  one whiff and we’re instantly whisked through time and space the Indian subcontinent, with its richly contrasting spicy and fruity scents.  It smells just divine;  close our eyes and we're lying back in an Ayurvedic spa, sipping a mango juice.  Oh, we could go on... Leaving aside the fab fragrance, though, this is a seriously wonderful product to use.  The ‘milkiness’ of the product’s title alludes to the fact that on contact with water, the scrub emulsifies, for a rich, silky buffing experience. Nothing harsh at all (and no ‘grit’ to sit uncomfortably on, after you’ve scrubbed. God, we hate that).

There's another full-on argan option in Janjira's Milky Body Scrub range - but plenty of nourishing argan in this one, too. (Along with sweet almond oil and avocado oil - though do be aware it's a blend of naturals and synthetics, rather than all-natural.)

We think you just can't beat the waft-you-to-Kerala fragrance.  Maybe we've been misrouted - but that's definitely where it takes us...!  And a lot more cheaply than a return airfare.

Isn't that scent's real magic...?

UK readers find Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub at www.janjira.co.uk/£32 for 250 ml - buy here