James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face

We'll be frank: we've been looking at the (nice, stripey, gold) packaging of this James Read Sleep Tan Mask for some months - and feeling a little afraid. Exactly how dark would the tan be, if we slept in this...? (None of us being exactly TOWIE types.) But then we got out our magnifying glasses, read the back - and discovered that you can leave this on for 30 minutes or so, for a lightly sun-kissed look that's actually perfect as the sun goes down on summer. (And yes, that is the sound of us sobbing.)

The texture's fantastic: packed with hyaluronic acid, cucumber and red algae, it's soothing and moisturising and feels wonderfully cooling and soothing as you smooth it in. (All the way down to the décolletage, please.)

Then out with the muslin cloth to swoosh away the mask after 30 minutes - and what you're left with is a really natural, hint-of-glow. We certainly have the confidence to leave it on for longer, now.

And maybe - just maybe - even fall asleep in it, because it's certainly moisturising enough to take the place of a night cream.


UK readers find James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face at www.johnlewis.com/£25 for 100 ml  - buy here