Innovative Skincare CoolMint Revitalizing Masque

OK, here's a suggestion: next time it's a really, really hot day, cool yourself right down with this.

 A layer applied to the face is so cooling, it virtually has our teeth chattering. But that's not the main virtue of this skin-reviving mask, which has been introduced into the Innovative Skincare range from their spa collection.

 The cooling action makes the blood vessels contract and dilate, helping to stimulate circulation and encourage nutrient flow to the skin. It turns icy pretty instantly, actually, delivering a cargo of skin-caring Centella asiatica, green tea, rosemary and aloe vera (and we've a hunch there's some camphor in there, too).

 Basically, when your skin's looking as knackered as you feel, this should be your go-to mask. Five or 10 minutes, and you're good-to-glow.

UK readers find Innovative Skincare CoolMint Revitalizing Masque at£38 for 90 g - buy here