Ila Body Cream for Vital Energy

Just a few days away from the equinox (with its shortest day), and with more to do than seems humanly possible between now and midnight on 24th December, we're all to be forgiven for feeling a bit depleted right now. But this replenishes on two levels.  First, an awakening essential oil blend of revitalising lemongrass, rebalancing lavender and geranium, detoxing juniper and grounding patchouli - oh, we so need a bit of grounding! - feature in a luscious skin-nurturing blend of oils.  This is a buttery, creamy version of bestselling Ila Body Oil for Vital Energy (but a wee less messy to use, we find).  It's particularly high in argan oil, which dry, centrally-heated skin just loves to slurp right up.

It's Christmas present-priced, but the weighty jar will last you for months and months of 2014 - and may well keep you awake enough to enjoy them.

UK readers find Ila Body Cream for Vital Energy at£63 for 200 g - buy here