Hungary Mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud:  nothing quite like it right now, as our latest beauty 'love'. Introduced to us by our friend Gill Sinclair (who's scooped up the brand exclusively for Victoria Health), this is a multi-tasker that we're having fun 'playing' with.  It works on the face (we blend it not just with water, but with facial oil, for a nurturing, detoxifying face pack).

And on the body, too:  try adding a sloosh of your favourite body oil, for a really nourishing treatment.  (Of course it can be blended just with water, too - especially good if you've a troubled complexion.)

The mud itself is packed with a slew of beneficial minerals, which the skin absorbs while the mud's soothing, warming action takes effect:  magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and chromium.  (No surprise, then, that this is actually prescribed by Hungarian doctors for a wide range of rheumatic and skin challenges.)

So we're loving the 'D-I-Y' aspect to Hungary Mud:  it positively invites experimentation (foot baths, exfoliating wraps, etc.)

So here's mud in your - well, everywhere except your eyes, obviously...!

UK readers find Hungary Mud at£20 for 250 g - buy here