House of Holland Nails for Elegant Touch

We admit: we haven't quite plucked up the nerve to wear the new collection nails from fashion designer Henry Holland's collaboration with Elegant Touch yet - but we plan to. And even in the pack, they're putting a massive smile on our lips. We've never kept a set of stick-on nails on our desks purely for the purpose of that before, but there's a first time for everything, eh?

We actually love the lot, but here are the highlights, for us:

  •  Glitter Face Ache - glittery nails with daft little eyes stuck on them, so you look like you've got 10 finger puppets on. (We think toddlers would go mad for a mum wearing these.)
  •  Sweet Tooth - we literally cannot wait for slightly warmer weather to have the ends of our fingers turned into ice cream cones.
  •  These amazing 'Easter' nails, with the cutest, fluffiest little creatures we ever did see!

We really are old enough to know better. We're generally 'anti' anything too fingertip-on-the-pulse-of-fashion, nail-wise. But these? Wonderfully, hilariously fun.

And nobody's ever too old for that.

UK readers find House of Holland Nails for Elegant Touch at£7.99 - 8.99 - buy here