Homedics Ribbit Handheld Massager

Hunched over your computer trying to meet all your deadlines before Christmas?  Hmmm.  Know that feeling. If you (like us) get knots in your shoulders, this is an easy-peasy fix:  a hand-friendly massager with three ‘knobs’ (technical word, that).  Touch the ‘on’ button (it’s designed so that’s really easy) and the ‘knobs’ light up, while sending muscle-dekinking vibrations down into the opposite shoulder as you either hold it in place, or move it over the affected zone.

In three colours (we like the froggy green), this has become as much of a desk essential as a mouse-mat and a keyboard, for us – because for the first time, we get a buzz out of stress…!

UK readers find Homedics Ribbit Handheld Massager at www.boots.com/£9.99 – buy here