Heaven Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes

You wait ages for a decent facial wipe to come along – and then two do so at once.  Well, in truth, Kathy Phillips’s This Works In Transit No Traces wipes – which we raved about here - are more like a pad, but these have also helped to change our opinion entirely about facial cleansing wipes. Celebrity facialist Deborah Mitchell created these for her teenage daughter Ella Jane (hence the name), and they’re simply brilliant for cleansing.  Jo ran out of eye make-up remover recently (nice to know that even happens to beauty editors, eh?), and relied on these to remove every last speck of mascara at night – as well as all her other make-up.

Twice the size of a normal cleansing wipe (which means you don’t find yourself searching for a clean corner, or swiping your face with a grubby bit), the organic cotton gives a lovely ‘bouncy’ texture.  They’re not-too-dry, not-too-wet, don’t dehydrate the skin (unlike so many we’ve tried) – and have a lovely gentle pepperminty fragrance.  (Not-too-expensive, either.) Active skincare ingredients include apple pectin to dissolve and gently exfoliate– and all in all, we’re hugely impressed.  (The wipes are Soil Association-approved organic, NB.)

We don’t really suggest replacing your regular cleanser with these on an ongoing basis – not least because we advocate deeply massaging the face, while cleansing, to stimulate and de-puff.  But as an occasional emergency – or an easy-peasy way of getting a teenager into the habit of cleansing her face...?


UK readers find Heaven Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes at www.skincareorganics.co.uk/£7.30 - buy here