He-Shi Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm

‘You’re looking well’. That is absolutely our favourite way to be greeted – but the other morning, after a rough (boiling hot) night’s sleep, it was definitely down to this baby.

It’s basically an overnight self-tanning product – called a ‘balm’ because it’s not quite as moisturising as a cream, but definitely not an oil. It tans only gradually, so the initial trepidation was misplaced. (On a pale skin, using any new self-tanner is a tad nerve-wracking: nobody wants to wake up orange – even though on a conscious level we know that self-tanners nowadays are a quantum leap on from the first we tried. Way. Back. When.)

Apply to cleansed but non-moisturised skin, using two to three pumps. (Ideally, He-Shi recommend using one of their Tanning Mitts for easy application.) Blend to avoid the hairline and avoid all contact with water for 6-8 hours (roughly the equivalent to a decent night’s sleep).

No hamster cage smell, no ‘edges’, no orange tone whatsoever – you just wake up looking ‘well’.

Can’t ask for more than that, frankly.

UK readers find He-Shi Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm at www.ukspacenk.com/£22.50 for 50ml