Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration

The sun (famously) is incredibly drying.  And not every sun cream works to counteract that:  many leave skin feeling a bit tight, we've found. But this new range from Hawaiian Tropic is something different.  (It is also, notably, the first stripey sunscreen we've ever seen!)

In options of SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50 (higher is better, in our book), the 'cream ribbons' are infused with moisture-attracting glycerine and natural silk proteins, which they promise will hydrate and moisturise in the sun for 12 hours.  (Though if anyone actually sits in the sun for anything like that, they're nuts.)  The protection is broad-spectrum, nevertheless, meaning that it protects against UVA damage, too.

With a light, tropical scent it's certainly a pleasure to use - and leaves skin feeling quenched and fantastically smooth.

That's silky by name, silky by nature, then.

UK readers find Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration at www.boots.com/£7.49 for 180 ml - buy here