Guerlain Mon Eau de Lingerie

What does your underwear smell of?  (Clean underwear, we're talking about.) We'll bet it doesn't smell as beautiful as this:  a new spin on Guerlain's bestselling La Petite Robe Noire, but designed specially for scenting lingerie.  (And coats and scarves and much-loved Little Black Dresses:  it's specially formulated not to leave any kind of mark - unlike your regular scent.)

The scent is a perfect echo of the original:  bergamot and tart/sweet black cherry, two kinds of rose (Turkish and Bulgarian) - and a touch of Guerlain's famous 'Guerlinade', their unique signature accord.

As feminine as it gets...

UK readers find Guerlain Mon Eau de Lingerie in Debenhams stores/£26