Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow

We once remember The Graduate actress Anne Bancroft saying that the most important person in her life wasn't her husband Mel Brooks, but her lighting cameraman - because it was down to his skill that she looked good in movies. Well, this is a little like having your own live-in lighting cameraman: the most fabulous primer which - and let's face it, this is an ambitious name - does indeed deliver a 'baby glow'. As well as a surge of instant skin-plumping moisture, it contains all sorts of light-reflecting pigments which don't make skin shiny, but do blur lines incredibly effectively, leaving skin quite luminous.

It's a terrific primer, too, so make-up glides on more smoothly over it. There's an SPF25 (and this you really will want to slather all over your face.) And with all this going for it, we look forward to babying our skin with this for many moons to come.

In fact, we might just marry it.

UK readers find Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow at£35.50 for 30 ml