Guerlain Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder

Every single Christmas, Guerlain release a special edition sparkly body powder which is the very embodiment of Hollywood glamour. This year's version cries out for a boudoir-chic dressing table, a silk piegnoir and fluffy mules.  But even if you're just looking to add a last-minute touch of dazzle in a frantic party countdown, this really does the trick with just a 'poooffff' or two from the black silk atomiser.  Hey, presto!  Skin shimmers and glimmers.

Adding intrigue, the scent of this sparkling loose powder's inspired by one of Guerlain's famous, heritage fragrances (you can still find it in their Champs-Elysées boutique), which had a similarly stunning Deco black bottle and gold label.  Liu is a bewitching swirl of roses, vanilla, iris and woody notes (with a champagne-like 'whoosh' when first spritzed, thanks to the aldehydes).  Even if you don't layer another fragrance on top, this is going to delight and bewitch anyone who gets you under the mistletoe.

We wouldn't be surprised if Guerlain revisits the Liu perfume itself, in the coming years.

But meanwhile, a puff of this on forearms, shoulders, décolletage - and up close, you'll twinkle like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree.

UK readers find Guerlain Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder at£45.45 - buy here