Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick

It's not new - but it's got a sexy new look. Guerlain's sumptuous KissKiss Lipstick gets dressed up in glamorous black with gold. (And trust us: if there's one make-up item you need this autumn, it's lipstick. Even if that's all you put on to leave the house, rather than the finishing touch.) The packaging - designed by Hervé Van de Straeten - is a classic, but we love this new version. (Jo used to buy Hervé's jewellery, in the 80s, BTW.)

KissKiss has long been one of our go-to lipsticks, actually. Unlike many, it's as comfortable as your favourite jeans; you won't feel you're wearing anything - till you look in the mirror and see a slick of flattering colour.

The shaped bullet makes it easy to apply straight from the tube (if you're anything like us, you can't be faffed with lipbrushes).

And with a choice of 25 shades, you can choose one to choose your Little Black Dress - or those comfy denims.

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