Guerlain Gloss d'Enfer

It's the weirdest thing:  we never think we could possibly start to look forward to autumn at the height of summer - and then some wondrous item from the autumn/winter make-up ranges lands on our desk, and suddenly, it's quite appealing to be thinking about the change of season, about Fair Isle sweaters, crackling log fires, etc. A truly glamorous gloss that is so comfortable on the lips, Gloss d'Enfer just feels like your favourite pair of slippers.  Only rather more glamorous, obvs.  The almost syrupy texture is shot with tiny, flattering particles of shimmer, and come in Madame Batifole (an electrically glimmering fuchsia), Madame Fascine (deep gold-shot purple), and Madame Flirte, which - with its sparkling red - has gone straight to the top of our lipgloss charts.  We've a hunch we could even get to the end of the tube, which never happens to a beauty editor.

Without starting to wish summer away, is the product that made the prospect of looming autumn bearable for us in 2013 (there's always one).

Merçi beaucoup, Guerlain.  (And we mean that.)

UK readers find Guerlain Gloss d'Enfer at£22 - buy here