Guerlain Coque d'Or Perfumed Shimmer Powder Body & Hair

Not got £15,000 to spend on a bottle of the reissued Guerlain Coque d'Or vintage fragrance? No, us neither. But you could treat yourself to this utterly beautiful  body shimmer spray, in a reproduction bottle which brings back to life the 'bow' shape of the original. It spritzes the lightest veil of golden shimmer onto hair, forearms, décolletage, neck, fragrancing it at the same time with this legendary Chypre fragrance. (Think: notes of bergamot, rose and patchouli.) Subtly shimmery, deliciously fragranced - and saving you, oh, approximately £14,945. UK readers find Guerlain Coque d'Or Perfumed Shimmer Powder Body & Hair at£55 - buy here