Green & Spring Repair & Restore Intensive Body Cream

Aaaaaahhhh. That's the sound of our summer-parched skin when it's massaged with this glorious body butter - a timely launch, post-summer.  (And we've actually HAD  summer!)

It's one of three Repair & Restore treats just unveiled - there's a Repair & Restore Shower & Bath Foam, and a Bath & Body Oil (see above) - but this is our favourite:  intensely moisturising, with bilberry seed oil (appropriately jam-packed with omega-6 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to restructure 'challenged' skin), and evening primrose oil.  An olive oil derivative (squalene) completes the trio of skin-nourishers.

It's thick, and luscious, and subtly fresh-scented (won't overpower your favourite fragrance) - and most importantly, leaves skin soft, elastic and velvety.  Whacking tub, too.

Green & Spring's 'home' is the luxury boutique hotel Cowley Manor, and you're lucky enough to get to their C-Side Spa (we wish!), you can enjoy all three products wrapped up in a Repair & Restore 90-minute ritual.

But for the 'at-home spa' experience?  Treat yourself - and your dry, dry skin - to this.

UK readers find Green & Spring Repair & Restore Body Cream at£28 for 185 ml - buy here