Green & Spring Christmas Cracker

Just a cracker, this. Well, not merely a cracker:  one of the most desirable Christmas crackers we’ve seen, this season.

Pull it, and out come useful (and delightful) travel sizes of Green & Spring’s natural bath and bodycare:  Revitalising Exfoliating Body Wash, Indulging Shower & Bath Foam and Relaxing Body Lotion.

We’re featuring quite a few bath and body treats among our ‘loves’ at the moment – but there’s a reason for this.  Give someone a bath indulgence, and what you’re really saying is:  you deserve some TLC, so take some time, lock the bathroom door – and r-e-l-a-x.

And we’ve a suspicion none will linger long enough to require dusting.  And in a world in which many of us are suffering from ‘stuffication’, that’s surely a blessing in itself.

UK readers find Green & Spring Christmas Cracker/£17.50 at - buy here