Good Things Argan Oil Moisture Boost Facial Serum

The Good Things range began as a collection of skincare designed for teen skins - notably, the teenage daughters of Alice Hart-Davis, the highly-respected beauty editor behind the Good Things range. It was perhaps inevitable in her quest to turn back time - Alice gamely tries just about every non-surgical lunchtime 'tweak' going (and we turn to her for wisdom on this regularly, since we're much too scared ourselves) - that she would turn her attention to the world of anti-ageing. The whole range is free from the usual 'nasties' (parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, mineral oils, etc.), which makes the smoothing effect of this serum even more impressive. Featuring macamia oil, peptides, argan and sweet almond, it actuallly sinks in very fast, leaving skin velvety (and not at all oily, as the product name suggests it might). It's designed to be applied under day or night cream, but what we've found is that Good Things Argan Oil Moisture Boost Facial Serum actually works brilliantly after moisturiser in the morning, creating a fantastically smooth 'primed' surface for make-up.

Can't speak for its anti-ageing effects (yet - it's just been released), but try it under foundation and we think you'll be immediately impressed.

(A total steal, too.)

UK readers find Good Things Argan Oil Moisture Boost Facial Serum at£7.99 for 30ml