Good Things Acai Berry Multitasking Micellar Water

Good Things was started by our friend Alice Hart-Davis - a highly knowledgeable beauty editor - to fill a gap she'd observed in the market for affordable, effective (but not-too-harsh) teen skincare, looking around at what her daughter Beth and her friends were using. She's now expanded with an argan range which is targeted at, um, more 'mature' skins (like ours!) - but we're rather taken from a 'find' within each of the two collecrions.

If you're a true beauty-hound, you'll have familiarised with the right-up-there-with-the-loaves-and-fishes results from 'micellar' cleansing waters, which work rather like e-cloths to attract grime and gunk when cleansing.

Well, Jo tried this in the morning - thinking she'd cleansed perfectly with her usual product. The grey of the cotton pad (not to put too fine a point on it) was a bit of a shock, frankly - so she tried this at night, getting a really thorough cleanse. Next morning? Almost nothing on the pad, when swept over skin. Gulp. (It's not over-fruity, BTW, so don't let that put you off: just a hint of raspberryish-ness.)

The second Very Good Thing Indeed from the Good Things range, as far as we're concerned, is Argan Oil Time Rewind Day Cream. It's rich, it's deliciously creamy, and for dry skins a godsend. No, it doesn't feature an SPF - but you can 'layer' another lightweight sun filter over the top (Clarins, Chanel and Laura Mercier all offer these); alternatively, it'd make a perfectly excellent night cream.

Basically, Time Rewind is simply one of the best-value moisturisers we've come across in a very long time. We literally aren't sure how she manages it, at 'beauty steal' prices, but are looking forward to lots more 'Good Things', from Ms. Hart-Davis.

UK readers find Good Things at Berry Multitasking Micellar Water is £4.49 for 250 ml; Good Things Time Rewind Day Cream is £8.99 for 50 ml