Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Shine Gloss

It’s kind of crazy, but we don’t probably don’t spend as much time hanging out at department store beauty counters as most of you. (We’re spoiled by daily deliveries of skincare, make-up, haircare etc.) While waiting for a rendezvous with the Giorgio Armani PR the other day, though, Jo willingly allowed the Harvey Nichols make-up pro on the Armani counter to touch up here somewhat melted make-up – and he introduced her to this: a fab, slightly shimmering rosewood pink which (we think) would be hugely flattering to pretty much anyone. It may have been around since 2013, but we’re happy to come late to this pout-party.

Flash Lacquer isn’t sticky and you’re completely in control of the shine level – just re-slick for starlet lips. (You can even blot it, however, and still be left with a little bit of shine.) It really, really stays put – and this is definitely really, really staying put in Jo’s bag.

There are loads of shades available (from nudes to golds via scarlet, around 30 or so in all) but 608 Plum’s an absolute cracker.

Memo to selves: must go shopping more often…

UK readers find Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer at£25.50