Garnier 5 Second Blur Skin Smoother

We're hoping shortly to send this out to our Beauty Bible testers to put through its paces as an 'Instant Line Smoother' - but if they like it as much as we do, we've a hunch it could rocket right to the top of the 'awards' charts. Like 'airbrushing in a tube', Garnier promise - and we're impressed.  (Rather like the 98% of women in Garnier's own trials who thought their skin looked smoother...)

5 Second Blur works on open pores, lines and grooves, and generally helps to  unify the complexion.  Yes, it's yet another step in your regime - you apply after moisturiser, under foundation - but this is really a 'super-primer'.  Like all good primers, it's packed with complexion-smoothing silicones, which also work to ensure make-up glides on smoothly.

If you take a lot of 'selfies', it's definitely your new best friend!

UK readers find Garnier 5 Second Blur at£12.99 for 30 ml - buy here