Fresh Therapies Nourishing Nail Elixir

We didn’t think it was possible to get quite so excited about a teeny bottle of nail oil – but Fresh Therapies has proved us wrong. We’re already fans of their excellent all-natural nail polish remover (also available in useful sachets) – as are our Beauty Bible testers - but this is a handcare ‘wow’. A blend of rich natural oils, it’s heaven-scented with neroli (orange flower) oil, which makes application nothing less than a total joy – and as a result, it’s probably the first time in history we’ve been quite so diligent with nightly cuticle- and nailcare. (Earning high praise from the manicurists at John Frieda, where we tend to get our nails done).

Cuticles are softer, while regular nightly massage is one of the kindest things you can do for your nails. A drop does several fingernails, which means the bottle will last for ages and ages and ages – but we prefer to be a little more generous and smooth any leftovers in to hands generally.

Which we then lie in bed sniffing – they smell that good…

UK readers find Fresh Therapies Nourishing Nail Elixir at£11.95 for 10 ml