Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

What's an overnight mask? We think it helps to consider it not so much as a mask - which it might feel weird not to remove - but as a mega-treatment you leave on (yes, overnight, as the name implies here).

Jo, especially, is a longstanding massive fan of the Fresh Black Tea range - which really does have a tea note in it, and consequently smells super-refreshing. Of course, being tea, it has a mega antioxidant action - but this is way more complex than cramming a cuppa in a jar: black tea ferment and black tea extract are blended with blackberry leaf and lychee seed extracts, together with belle de unit extract. (What gives this is fabulously plumping action is hyaluronic acid, meanwhile - probably our all-time fave moisturising ingredient.)

We're intrigued to discover that in Fresh's own 28-day trials, 94% of testers noticed more suppleness and radiance after two weeks, while 88% observed an improvement in firmness. Jo's been using this as an occasional skin booster, but is going to apply slightly less generously and give it a month-long whirl. As a from-time-to-time treat, we recommend cleansing thoroughly (as usual), applying the mask generously in the bath - most will sink in by the time you emerge - and then leaving it on instead of night cream.

Alternatively, as we've now discovered, Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask can be used as a night cream. (Which is why Jo just moved her magnifying glass from her desk to the bathroom.)

Currently it's only available from the Fresh store on Marylebone High Street and in their Selfridges concession - but we're promised that a proper Fresh website is coming soon.

Can't be soon enough, as far as we're concerned...!

UK readers find Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask at Fresh, 92 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4RD/020-7486 4100 (please note: Google's map has this store as being on Marylebone Road - and it's not)