Fornasetti Profumi Sole di Capri scented candle

We try not to spend too much of our time gnashing our teeth that we didn’t buy more Fornasetti in the 80s, from the now-iconic interiors house – creators of furniture, porcelain and screens.  However, we’ve been making up for lost time in the past couple of years with Fornasetti’s gorgeous scented accessories:  incense sticks (in beautiful holders), room sprays (you can refill the porcelain container), and the sensational Fornasetti scented candles.  This year, there’s a new fragrance:  airy and fresh, inspired by the sun-drenched island of Capri, with citrussy top notes of lemon, mandarin and bergamot, a pine sap and samphire sea-breezy heart, and a beautiful base of labdanum and ambergris.  And once the candle’s burned its last, you’ll have the ceramic pot forever (we’re thinking cotton wool pads).  And come to think of it, how many times does a bathroom accessory become an heirloom…? UK readers find Fornasetti Profumi Scented Candles at£99 – buy here