Foreo Luna

Wow! Wow! Wow! Just when you think your beauty regime’s complete… Along comes an amazing facial gadget that makes you rethink everything.

We’ve never particularly got on with ‘cleansing brushes’ ourselves (though we know plenty of women who swear by them). But during a recent Liz Earle facial (one of the best she’s ever tried, which you can read about here), Jo had a Foreo Luna – which she’s long drifted past in Fenwick – used on her face.

Not only did it help to get skin incredibly clean, but there is something about the ‘buzzing’ action which is incredibly effective at banishing facial tension. Like most women, Jo carries plenty of that in her jaw – and the soothing buzzing action of this rubber-bristled gadget helps melt it clean away. (Melting all that make-up, grime and gunk with it, too.)

There’s a beauty benefit to that, too: when a jaw carries tension, it interferes with lymphatic drainage – so the face looks puffier. Since Jo’s been using this, she’s noticed a distinct improvement in the little ‘pouches’ on cheekbones and jaw which are her genetic legacy!

The bristles rinse really easily, making it a hygienic choice. (Jo finishes the cleanse with a muslin cloth as usual, NB.)

An extra faff? Don’t dismiss this till you’ve tried it: sometimes, going to a little extra effort pays massive dividends – and the Foreo Luna’s one of those times…

UK readers find Foreo Luna at£145