Findhorn Sacred Space Spray

Another fab find from the Natural & Organics Show - so much nicer than synthetically-scented room scents, it's a wonderfully uplifting spritz of natural rose and frankincense essential oils from a holistic community in Scotland that we hanker after visiting. Somehow, it 'soothes' a room: if you've had a stressful event, an argument, just want to 'change the mood' - or are moving into a new home - we recommend spritzing this around and taking a moment to breathe deeply. You might find this a bit woo-woo (although we're huge believers in flower remedies like this), but Findhorn say: 'Sacred Space helps transmute negative energies, restore calm and tranquility, and creates a more positive atmosphere in which to work, meditate, or simply "be".'

It also just smells pretty darned wonderful!

UK readers find Findhorn Sacred Space Spray at£15.50 for 100ml