Filorga Hydra-Filler

OUR FAVOURITE NEW SKIN-PLUMPING MOISTURISER Plump.  It's not so desirable for thighs, hips and waistlines, but faces...?  Bring it on!  One of the key ageing giveaways is skin that just doesn't look so plumptious, any more.

Enter Filorga Hydra-Filler.  We discovered this after a rather splendid dinner with M&S's Marc Bolland last year for beauty editors, when we were fully introduced to their new YOUR BEAUTY concept, and took away a bulging goody bag of unfamiliar ranges.  Slathering it on that night, not only did Jo enjoy the light, citrussy smell, but its instantly truly skin-plumping effects - still apparent next day.  Jo's complexion looked particularly radiant, considering the late night!

Laboratoires Filorga is a French pharmacy brand which produces medical products and cosmetics, which they call 'medi-cosmetique'.  It's no surprise to us, though, that this product contains a whacking great dollop of hyaluronic acid, which is one of our all-time favourite moisturising ingredients (we take it internally as well as slathering it onto every pore...)

Filorga may not be the most elegant brand name on the planet, but we're impressed by this and will have a play with the rest of the range.  But for now?  At a time of spurning naughtinesses like cakes, pastries and (confession-time) Christmas pudding fried in butter (you mean you haven't tried it?), this is the closest we plan to get to anything plumpifying, for the moment.

UK readers find Filorga Hydra-Filler at£45 for 50 ml - buy here