Filorga Detox Body Treatment

When we finally get to take our vests off at the moment, it's not always a pretty sight. Starved of sunlight (of air, actually!), body skin tends to look a bit dull, dingy - and maybe not as firm as we'd like. (You wouldn't be the only person whose New Year shape-up regime has gone - well, pear-shaped.)

This is a really pleasant body treat which makes skin look instantly better and - with its airy, light, mousse-like texture - is a joy to use. It works on all sorts of levels: used on hips, thighs and stomach, it can help with water retention - but smoothed top to toe, it's great for skin texture and appearance, with what Filorga describe as a 'baby skin action': after using consistently for 28 days, 76% of users noted skintone (and 'irregularities') were improved, thanks to the action of glycolic acid, among other ingredients. (Not something we'd use on our faces, necessarily, but from décolletage, thighs, legs etc., very effective.) It 'plumps' skin instantly with good old hyaluronic acid, too, and delivers an instant radiant dewiness.

We've long espoused the idea that anti-ageing shouldn't stop at chin level - but this is a really enjoyable way to make your body that bit more bare-able, from some serious players in the anti-ageing arena.

UK readers find Filorga Detox Body Treatment at£30 for 150 ml spray