Face Matters Anti-Ageing Collagen Excellent Elixir

Sometimes a product comes along that you can almost feel plumping up your skin from the moment it glides on – and this 'excellent elixir' is definitely one of them. A key factor for us with any anti-ageing product is that you should want to apply it (and then you'll use it regularly and diligently).  This ticks that box:  the fragrance is absolutely wonderful:  geranium, jasmine, mandarin and lemon, in uplifting quantities.  Age-defying ingredients include argan oil, vitamin E, camellia, GLA (from borage), evening primrose - and lots of organic silicon, which helps to boost production of collagen and elastin.

It also features high levels of collagen, a fantastic moisturising ingredient – although don’t believe anyone who ever tells you that the skin’s own collagen can be ‘topped up’ topically:  it can't.

Face Matters Anti-Ageing Collagen Excellent Elixir is certainly not cheap - but we'd rather invest in a pricy product we're going to use than leave less satisfactory (cheaper) buys languishing on the bathroom shelf.

All it takes is a few drops of this lovely, slip-slide-y formula morning and night, massaged into face and neck and skin appears instantly smoother.

But truly: it's the feel-good factor, not just the look-good factor, which has us hooked...

UK readers find Face Matters Anti-Ageing Collagen Elixir at www.facematters.com/£85 for 25 ml - buy here