Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen

Never. In. A. Million. Gazillion. Years. Would. We. Go. Near. Anything. Like. This. Except.. rules are there to be broken.

And the sheer beauty of Phyllis Cohen's Face Lace 'transfers' has rather seduced us.

A leading Canadian make-up artist and body painter, Phyllis has previously worked with Pharrell WilliamsJean Paul GaultierAnnie Lennox and David Bowie. For Face Lace, she's created many different and intricate styles - and recently collaborated with the British Library to create a bespoke range of eye laces and masks inspired by Oscar Wilde’s book, Salome, to celebrate their newest exhibition: Gothic and Terror. (The picture featured here is actually of the Salome Eye Lace.)

In truth, we won't be wearing these out trick or treating ourselves - in Jo's case, she'll be standing beside her front door waiting for the hordes who come savvily flocking for baby bars of Green & Black's - but if you're young, and smooth-skinned, and planning something scary for 31st October, we think they are utterly gorgeous.

And SO much more flattering than fake blood and vampire teeth.

UK readers find Face Lace at www.face-lace.com/£8.50-39.95 (the Face Lace shown here is priced £14) - buy here