Win organic skincare treats from Evolve

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Treat your complexion to Evolve Organic Beauty treats – we have 10 Starter Skincare Regime collections to give away, value £38 each

We’ve been fully paid-up fans of Laura Rudoe, founder of Evolve, for many years. Dubbed a ‘beauty revolutionary’, she did the research behind the organic skincare range NUDE, which launched in 2007. (You might remember it was backed by Ali Hewson, wife of Bono, and was the first, we think, to use probiotics topically.)

NUDE gave Laura the impetus to develop and then self-fund the launch of Evolve, as pure, natural and organic as could be - with impeccable ethics. As she told Jo back then, ‘we’ve put our own savings into Evolve so I didn't want to create something that just had the surface veneer of goodness; it had to run deep on every level’. 

Some skincare experts believe that, particularly for those with sensitive skin, it makes sense to avoid products full of synthetic chemicals. We’ve certainly found that. And, as Laura says, ‘when it’s well formulated, natural and organic skincare is just as effective’, and – we’d add – as luxurious to use, although that wasn't always the case in decades past.

It seems almost amazing in the technological age we live in that, to ensure the freshness of the natural ingredients, Evolve products are still made by hand in small batches in their own artisan studio in Hertfordshire.

We are truly delighted that Evolve Organic Beauty is offering Beauty Bible readers the chance to win a Skincare Starter Collection. The chic travel bag contains the following – perfect for holidays by the way.

Gentle Cleansing Melt (normally £20 for 60 ml) – the natural sugar extracts in this clear balm combine with water to turn into a creamy milk, leaving your skin calm and hydrated with nourishing baobab oil – we love the rose and vanilla fragrance too. You may need to double cleanse if you’re wearing lots of make-up.

Hyaluronic Serum 200 (£12 for 10ml) – hyaluronic acid (HA) has become a buzzword in recent years for plumping up skin cells, which helps reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Daily Renew Facial Cream (£12 for 30 ml) – follow the serum with this intensely nourishing moisturiser, which contains nourishing argan oil plus more skin-hydrating HA.

For a chance of winning one of these 10 fab prizes from Evolve Organic Beauty, simply fill in the form below. But if you can’t wait to try one, you can order online at

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 19th September 2018