Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing Body Cream


Jo looked down at her legs the other day. Notwithstanding the intake of Essential Fatty Acids, despite bathing in oil-enriched waters, what stared back was skin like the pages of an old library book. (That’s partly because  she not so long ago got some winter sun, but still...) The paperiness, however, provided the ultimate challenge for this new age-defying body treat, Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing Body Cream, which rose it it beautifully. Instantly more radiant, plumped up, smoother, softer: tick, tick, tick, ticking all the bodycare boxes.

Lusciously rich (and admittedly a bit of a splurge, price-wise), it’s easy to smooth in (no chalkiness/dragging), and really quite subtly and prettilyscented. Nothing to clash with your perfume – and remember: fragrance lasts longer on well-moisturised skin, so be sure to nourish the inside of wrists and décolletage.

Though we think you’ll be wanting to slather this on from head to toe, if your bank balance is up to it.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Body Cream/£48 for 200 ml at