Estée Lauder Professional Make-Up Artist Colour Collection

Every Christmas Lauder bring out a stonking make-up kit containing literally everything any woman, not to mention any professional, would need for a flawless maquillage.  It's a sort of paid-for-gift-with-purchase:  £50 when you buy any fragrance from the range (and everyone can find something to love in Estée Lauder's perfume portfolio). This year, it's all contained in a spiffy red briefcase.  There are gorgeous gold brushes.  There are fabulous lipglosses and eyeshadows (and some how-to charts to assist perfect application).  There's mascara, and pencils and (usefully) a make-up remover, so you can take right off and start all over again.

Which you'll definitely want to do.  So:  get thee to an Estée Lauder counter (for details, see below), or snap it up on-line.

And we apologise:  the Christmas gifts we feature on are things we'd really like ourselves.  So if you end up spending twice as much because you can't resist getting one for yourself, too - sorreeeee...  But it's our job.

UK readers find Estée Lauder Professional Make-Up Artist Colour Collection at£50 with any fragrance purchase US readers find it at$58.50 with any fragrance purchase - buy here