ESPA Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser

Here's something: a cleanser packed with enzymes that (if left on skin) can double as a face mask.

Enzymes sound scary, but are natural elements which work to exfoliate gently, without the need for a 'scrubbing' action. In fact, in this gorgeously ESPA-ishly scented new cleanser, you'll also discover teeny exfoliating beads, which work to slough away dead skin cells and brighten on a daily basis.

Then when skin needs a bit of extra 'awakening', you can slather on a thicker layer as a mask. (Once a week's ideal, we've found.)

When we say 'ESPA-ishly-scented', what we mean is that as always there's a glorious blend of essential oils - here, uplifting mandarin, neroli, bergamot and juniper.

Fabulously make-up melting. And the scent really seems to melt away the day's cares, too.

UK readers find ESPA Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser at£30 for 100 ml - buy here