ESPA Little Box of Calm

Right now we'd like a stonking great box of calm, actually - but we're happy to make do with this. (Cards to write, presents to wrap, parties to RSVP to - and don't get vegetarian Jo started on sourcing a Tofurkey in East Sussex...) A soothing stocking filler or gift for a girlfriend (or - yes - your deserving self), the spiffy purple box features 15 ml sizes of two of ESPA's most renowned products: Restorative Bath Oil and Restorative Body Oil. Simply unstopper to bathe your senses in frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and ylang-ylang, and knock your stress for six.

It's our favourite from ESPA's Christmas range, actually - and we might just lobby Susan Harmsworth to keep it in the range all year-round.

After all, a meltdown isn't just for Christmas...

UK readers find ESPA Little Box of Calm at£12.50 - buy here