ESPA Bergamot & Jasmine Foam Bath Collection

This is being launched as a Christmas gift - but we doubt very much you'll be able to part with it.

Missing from ESPA's collection up till now has been a foam bath, for those who have never lost their love for that Matey-bubbles-you-clean type of soak. Or who maybe love the scent of bath oils - but not the cleaning required, post-bathing.

As ever with any bath treat, it's the smell that we've fallen for hook, line and sinker with this ESPA launch: bergamot and jasmine. Lots and lots of bergamot and jasmine, both in the Foam Bath and the Body Lotion. The price is pretty reasonable for a duo of such high quality: the sizes are generous (300 ml of Foam Bath, 250 ml of Body Lotion).

Best get two, then.

One for you, one for your best friend.

UK readers find ESPA Bergamot & Jasmine Foam Bath Collection at£33 - buy here