Escentric Molecules Body Washes

These intriguing body washes are as futuristic as the packaging looks. Escentric Molecules has always been in the front line of fragrance innovation, basing their scents around a single fragrant molecule:  a synthetic called Iso E Super, at a concentration which was unprecedented.  Another Escentric Molecules scent featured Ambroxan (nature-identicl to ambergris).  All three scents are intriguing, and mysterious - and founder Geza Schoen wows us with his fresh spin on scent.

There's a key active ingredient in these washes, too:  Energen - which contains two mountain plants (Sapindus mukorossi and Caesalpinia spinosa), which deliver a four-in-one action:  energising and moisturising, while they scent and cleanse.

We love the space-age bottles, which very much fit with Escentric Molecules's vibe - and if you don't know the brand, can we suggest you sniff it out soon...?

UK readers find Escentric Molecules Body Washes exclusively at£25 for 200 ml - buy here