Erborian Korean Skin Therapy Refine Pink Perfect Crème

We’ve been so indoctrinated by make-up artists about avoiding pink for the complexion in favour of ‘yellow-based’ foundations over the years that we almost – almost – overlooked this little tube of wondrousness. It’s not a foundation, though. It’s a smooth, creamy balm, giving a fabulously silky feel and helps to diminish the appearance of pores. (It really does.) You use it in place of your regular moisturiser in the morning, and it delivers pumpkin seed extract to regulate sebum production (so it’s just fine for oily skins), together with nourishing camellia oil and horsetail, which helps to ‘strengthen’ the skin.

And FYI, Korean-born Erborian is an arm of the L’Occitane empire – which probably tells you everything you need to know about its skincare credentials.

UK readers find Erborian Korean Skin Therapy Refine Pink Perfect Crème at£34 for 45 ml