English Rose Moisturisers

This should thrill your inner vintage-lover - and quench your midwinter skin, at the same time. English Rose Cosmetics (don't you love the name?) make no-nonsense creams which are just great for dehydrated complexions.  (Not totally natural, for sure, but very effective:  Daily Defence Moisturiser features plenty of plumping hyaluronic acid to keep skin happy, while the Nighty Night Cream also contains a little retinol, for complexion-smoothing.

Then they package them with cute 1940s drawings which put a smile on the face morning and night:  we're all for that.  (There's a little 'story' from this British-made brand about Rose on the website:  a fictitious wartime beauty.)

And they definitely fit our 'Beauty Steals' criteria, at well under £20 for 50 ml.

A brand worth exploring, by English roses of every skintone and type.

UK readers find English Rose Daily Defence Moisturiser at www.english-rose-cosmetics.com/£14 for the Daily Defence Moisturiser, £18 for Nighty Night Creambuy here