Emma Hardie Amazing Face Age Support Instant Radiance Mask

If you can't place your face in the expert hands of the wonderful superfacialist Emma Hardie (as we just did), you can get some of her glow-getting magic with this fab mask - which we discovered during that recent facial. We love to do what we're told (for a change) and 'relax for 10 minutes' with a mask on. (It can be left on overnight, too.) And this is a truly fab 'find': really moisturising, calming, skin-plumping. (That 'plumping' action can be experienced across quite a few of Emma's products, in which she uses lashing of hyaluronic acid and her signature moringa oleifera seed oil). Here, there are also natural peptides from avocado, extracts of wild banana and persea fruit, together with edelweiss.

Fab scent, too (that's something else Emma's products have in common): lie back and breathe in wafts of natural lavender, vanilla, chamomile, palmarosa and geranium essential oils.

She recommends using it between one and three times a week, depending on dehydration levels.

Gosh, that's a whole extra half hour lying down.

Thanks, Emma!

UK readers find Emma Hardie Age Support Instant Radiance Mask at www.emmahardie.com/£36 for 75 ml