Emma Hardie Age Support Eye Cream

Naturally we wanted to give this a good try ourselves before recommending: anything with a treatment action simply can't be judged by a beauty editor massaging it into her forearm...! So we've been using this for a couple of months now, and we're impressed: it really does seem to have a firming action, making the eye zone appear more toned and less fatigued, with fine lines slightly diminished. (We'd expect nothing less, really, from Emma Hardie - whose products have done so incredibly well with Beauty Bible testers. But seeing is always believing.)

It's nourishing but not so rich that it travels into the eye and triggers sensitivity. Most importantly, it's lovely to use - with a delicate rose fragrance.

The absolute key with treatment products like eye creams is that they need to be used diligently. They don't work if they languish on the shelf, never being opened - but the sheer pleasure factor of this has earned it a place in our beauty rituals, morning after morning, night after night.

And that, readers, is how you get results from an eye cream.

UK readers find Emma Hardie Age Support Eye Cream at www.emmahardie.com/£39 for 15 ml - buy here