Emma Bridgewater Feels Like Home

'National treasure' Emma Bridgewater's already produced a couple of lovely ranges for good old M&S, but this is our favourite to date. (And if you've got a kitchenful of her spotty mugs, these would look great by the sink.) The scent's pretty, pretty: a blend of chamomile, orange blossom and lavender - designed to capture 'the simple pleasures of a well-loved home... sheets blowing on the washing line, newly-waxed floors and summer herbs hanging up to try...' We're getting that.

There are loads of offerings within this new collection, but we're especially taken with the Feels Like Home Body Lotion, Hand Cream - all lovely textures - as well as the diffuser and nifty little cosmetics bag, too. (You could keep your 'kitchen' make-up kit in there, for a quick touch-up before guests arrive! And yes, we do have just such a kit ourselves - saves dashing upstairs to the bedroom, which somehow never seems to happen when you've got a stew/lentil bake on/in the stove...)

We think this collection would make a brilliant 'hostess gift', too, for any 'Bridgewater babe' (and they're legion).

PS These visuals aren't to scale - the diffuser's normal size!

UK readers find Emma Bridgewater Feels Like Home at www.marksandspencer.com/from £8 for 75 ml Hand Cream to £18 for the diffuser (stockists call 0333-014 8555)