Emma Bridgewater Black Iris Collection

Emma Bridgewater is moving out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. Recruiting the purveyor of a gazillion spotty mugs, 'calligraphed' platters and general dining loveliness is the latest coup for M&S's beauty team.  And we're really loving what she's come up with for them (the latest in a line of collaborations with some excellent names, including Cowley Manor and perfumer Lyn Harris).

There are a several Emma Bridgewater collections:  one (aptly-enough) is Tea & Oranges - playing on her traditional breakfast-y theme.  Then there's Love & Flowers (combining her signature dots and hearts, which also feature on some rather excellent bags and Christmas gifts.)

But our favourite collection is the surprisingly sensual Black Iris range, evoking dark, velvety flowers, with undertones of cedar and cardamom spice.  Check out the Black Iris Bath Oil, Black Iris Body Scrub (seen here) - and the matching skin-softening Body Cream and/or Hand Cream, which are all superbly silkifying.

So:  don't be a mug.  Try to spot them next time you're in M&S - or find them on-line.

UK readers find Emma Bridgewater Black Iris at www.marksandspencer.com/£8 - 15 - buy here